As a general rule no refund of fees is permitted on account of withdrawal/absence from college or other reasons once a student is admitted to any course of study.

Under special circumstances or in case of any legal justifications for refund of fees, the request of the candidate desiring refund of fees, the application will be forwarded to the committee (Framed by promoters of the University) whose decision shall be considered to be final.
If approved by the committee the amount shall be refunded within the limit stated below:
  • Any time after admission for any course but up to 10th September of respective year: Total fee deposited after deducting processing fees of Rs. 1000.

  • Any time after 10th September to 25th September of respective year: 50% of fees deposited after deduction of processing fee of Rs. 1000. However this refund will be subject to the condition that the vacancy created due to the withdrawal has been filled up by some other admission in that course. If the seat remains vacant due to withdrawal of admission this amount will not be refunded.

  • After 25th September of respective year: No refund.

  • Any Candidate who withdraws his/her admission from any course after the due dates mentioned above shall have to remit to the University the course fee payable for remaining period of the course in addition to the amount already forfeited.

  • Application for fee refund will be processed by Student/Accounts section of the University on approval from fee refund Committee and Registrar of the University. Such request for fee refund shall be made in the prescribed format available at administrative office of the University along with original fee receipt. Refund will be made only after the candidate has surrendered the issued ID card and has submitted "No Dues Form" duly signed and forwarded by the Head of Institute where the admission was granted. The refund information given above is indicative only. Pacific Medical University reserves the right to change/modify the refund rules which will be informed separately Application form and entrance test fees once remitted shall not be refunded in any case.


  • Cost of admission form is non-refundable.

  • Fees is to be paid on Annual/Semester basis as per the nature of the course within 10 days of offer of admission.

  • University shall not be responsible for any delay in transit involved in receipt.

  • Fees is non refundable in case student stops attending or leave the course before completion or suspended by the University owing to non attendance or misconduct.

  • Candidates given provisional admission due to non-declaration of their qualifying examination result are required to submit the mark sheet before appearing in the University examination or by 30th October, whichever is earlier. Such candidates will be admitted only after submitting the declaration to prove their eligibility prior to commencement of examination. Refund of fees in such case will not be permissible.

  • Refund of fee will be though cheque in name of concerned applicant.

  • No interest is payable on refund of any fees/deposits.

  • All disputes are subject to legal jurisdiction of District Udaipur (Rajasthan)


  • If student withdraws his/her admission before commencement of classes, amount deposited towards hostel/mess changes will be refunded after deduction of processing fee of Rs 1000/-

  • In case student withdraws admission after commencement of classes (irrespective of date of admission and irrespective of whether he/she has occupied room or not) the complete hostel fee will be forfeited. In such cases only mess fee will be refunded on pro rata basis.

  • In case student has availed hostel facility even for one day in a calendar month, then mess fee for that calendar month will be deducted.


  • If student withdraws before commencement of classes, transportation fee will be refunded after deduction of processing fee of Rs 500/-

  • If student withdraws after commencement of classes than refund shall be calculated on pro rata basis.

  • If student has availed transportation facility even for one day in a calendar month than transportation fee for that calendar month shall also be deducted.